About Us

Who we are?

Farming Export is an agricultural company that primarily focuses on Australian meat and livestock and was established to export australian meat worldwide. Over the years, Farming Export has established close relationships with various Australian farmers and meat processors, at the same time, building long-standing relationships with agencies, wholesalers, and marketers. Farming Export’s strategy is to supply high and standard quality meat, while delivering products at sustainable prices that provides benefits to both farmers and customers. The principal strategy of Framing Export is adding value to both customers and the entire agricultural chain.

Our Market Position

The market position of Farming Export is to provide Australian meat for importers, manufacturers, wholesalers, distributors, domestic processors, and end-customers that seek to supply and consume clean Australian meat in their regions. In recent years, Farming Export has established a Sino-Foreign Equity Joint Venture company in China to overcome the increasing demands of Chinese customers for exporting australian meat to china. In this respect, a presence in China helps Farming Export to properly coordinate its distribution network, warehousing, and logistical structure, which strengthens its capability to consistently meet consumer expectations, while at the same time, maintaining customer relationships.