Halal Chilled Lamb


Halal Chilled Lamb | AUS $10.20/KG | FOB AUS

Weight Range: 14 – 22 KG  Lamb Carcass

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Halal Chilled Lamb | Australian Lamb Exports

In Australia, lambs are produced in a wide range of climates from the arid and semi-arid parts of the inland region, to the high rainfall areas. Australian Lamb and Mutton is free range and naturally raised in lush pastures that are reputed to be the finest sheep producing region in the world, a pure product of a pure environment.

Farming Export can source the right type of Halal Premium Lamb to meet diverse demands of different customers around the world; we are accredited with AUS-Meat Limited as Australia’s industry body for meat exporters. We have a practical range of experience and implicit knowledge about the physical product intimately to properly minimize the cost of commodity market.


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